Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a NGO for world peace and transcends differences in culture, belief and region to engage leaders and youth in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace.

2016년 6월 19일 일요일

support comment from Nachiket Dave (India)

Nachiket Dave (India) 
-     The HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee for the Implematation of the Internatioanl Law on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace
-     Lawyer of Supreme Court of India 

I support HWPL's peace activities because for me the name "HWPL" stands for credibility. I have immense faith and hope from the activities which HWPL undertakes under the able chairmanship of Mr. Man Hee Lee.

My short interaction with Mr. Lee in Korea gave me a sense of duty to work for peace. A thought came across my mind that if Mr. Lee can devote his entire life for the cause of world peace, I should also try to give much of time in order to achieve the dream of world peace as so envisioned by Mr. Lee.

Besides, I think HWPL is an organization which has a planned road map to achieve world peace.

Seminars pertaining to WARP are the most important achievement of HWPL because if harmony among various religions is achieved, it will certainly contribute to eradicating war and thereby achievement of world peace. 

If given a chance I would also like to give a speech at the WARP summit so that i can highlight various achievements of HWPL and thereby i can sincerely praise the efforts of Mr. Lee for achieving world peace.

For me Mr. Lee is a peace angel and a living legend of peace !!

I will continue to repose my faith in HWPL on account of the sincere hardwork undertaken by each and every member&volunteer of HWPL. Those efforts are indeed praiseworthy and deserves to be applauded :)

Also, HWPL is one organization which works selflessly day and night to give peace to the citizens of the world.

For me HWPL is close to my heart. I will continue sharing the achievements of HWPL to emminent citizens of the world so that the entire world acknowledges the efforts of HWPL and recognizes the efforts of Mr. Lee.

support comment from Bojan Stojkovski (Macedonia)

Bojan Stojkovski (Macedonia) 
- 2013~ present Journalist at Makfax News Agency 
- 2011~2011 Journalist for 24 News Tv 
- 2009~2010 Journalist at AB Channel 
- 2008~2009 Journalist at Channel 5 
- 2007~2008 Journalist for News Agency Netpress

Why do you support HWPL's peace activities?

HWPL’s peace activities are definitely something that can unite the Balkan region in a good way and this is one of the main reasons why I am supporting them. The Balkan region has a history of violence and a lot of conflicts in recent years so HWPL initiative for peace comes at the right moment and it will be successful and will achieve the ultimate goal, world peace.

Do you think there is something special about HWPL?

From what I have seen from HWPL, notably the event that took place in Seoul on the 14th of March regarding the proclamation of the Declaration for Peace and Cessation of War, I was impressed by the high level of the organization's actions. Judging from my experience that I have visited a lot of events in USA and Europe, HWPL organizational skills were by far the best I have ever witnessed! Also I noticed that HWPL’s volunteers were all highly devoted to the cause of world peace and I regard this very highly and it’s definitely a reason for the success of the organization.

What do you expect from the peace movement by HWPL?

I expect that HWPL’s peace movement to spread even more on a global scale, which will of course work towards the achievement of world peace and cessation of wars and conflicts around the world.

What do you suggest to HWPL for improvement?

At this moment I cannot think of anything to suggest for improving because the organization is functioning perfectly and in my opinion is already doing a great job at promoting world peace!

Messages to HWPL families - words, pictures, or videos

Becoming a HWPL publicity ambassador is definitely a great honor and represents a highly important role which I now share with the rest of HWPL members – let's be the messenger of peace and spread good values for the humanity!

support comment from Ofelia Osorio (Philippines)

Ofelia Osorio (Philippines)
-       1991 - 1993 Vice Dean of Manila Public Health 
-       1993 - 2000 Dean of College of Nursing of East Africa Zambia Muewami Adventist College 
-       2000 - 2003 Vice Dean of Manila Public Health, College of Nursing 
-       2005 - 2008 Associate Professor of University of La Salette Santiago 
-       2009 - 2012 Associate Professor of Manila Adventist College 
-       2015 1st of April Dean of College of Nursing of Manila Adventist College(retired) 
-       WARP Office Participant

Why do you support HWPL's peace activities?

Why do I support HWPL? HWPL, I DECLARE, IS A NOBLE ENDEAVOR! People in the whole wide world are looking for something different that will bring a moral end. HWPL is a hope for the world of unrest, war and hopelessness, that will offer the best and ultimately through its strength will accentuate the positives that will understand and learn people in any walk of life with the end goal to happily reconcile harmoniously with life through peace in this generation and the generation to come! HWPL will ultimately carve and shape a brighter future through its systematic processes for peace. I believe with all my heart that the vision and mission of HWPL are the solutions for making this world a better place.

Look how HWPL and global citizens work together for peace.