Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a NGO for world peace and transcends differences in culture, belief and region to engage leaders and youth in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace.

2016년 3월 15일 화요일

Do you love war? Or do you love peace?
It’s time to listen to your conscience and make the world peaceful !!

The lights, colors, sun, moon and stars are all people.

The lights, colors, sun, moon and stars are all people.


A better world is possible when you think it’s possible.


Chairwoman Kim of IWPG delivered her speech in the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. 

[FAQs of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War] - What is the role and significance of the declaration?



[FAQs of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War] - What is the role and significance of the declaration?

Re-thinking our global family, village and collective effort for peace
There are many threats in the global community affecting our daily lives - economy, environment, political unrest, etc. Among them, the biggest threat to our lives is war, So far, there is no mechanism to ever stop conflicts that lead to devastating consequences.
Our world we live now is unprecedented, for we live a life by communicating, working, and depending on each other globally. But at the same time wars and conflicts occur globally. That is why world peace is possible only when people in the global community help each other and support world peace movement in one collective voice.
Through the declaration proclaimed by HWPL on March 14, 2016, the initiative on cessation of war and world peace will be provided. For world peace applicable to every one in our globe, not only law experts but civilians throughout the world regardless of areas of profession join in the movement. As the pillars of world peace, the Peace Advocacy Committee will be established with women and youth around the world to make a collective voice for the implementation of the international law for world peace based on this declaration.  

[FAQs of the Ceremony on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War - What are the main points of the declaration?]


[FAQs of the Ceremony on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War - What are the main points of the declaration?] 

1) Conversion of weapon manufacturing facilities into beneficial use for humanity
Arms races in the current world is to a large degree is its foundation in manufacturing weapons. If it can be converted into beneficial use of humanity, it will be “beneficial races”. (No single Volkswagen vehicle was given to civilians during the time of WWII. After the war disappeared, military vehicles produced in facilities by Volkswagen transformed into popular use supporting daily lives of people.)

2) Establishment of Global Peace Policy
The declaration will be a legal foundation that encourages states and international organizations to elicit necessary policies to achieve world peace. (Starting from NGO movement - The International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Ottawa Treaty has been ratified by 40 states to ban the use, production and transfer of landmines against person.)

3) Religious Conflict Resolution
According to the declaration, religious organizations and leaders are obliged to take responsibility for religion-related conflicts to ultimately prohibit wars caused by religious misunderstandings. In this way, religions restore their role - the spirit of harmony, peace and love, prerequisite for world peace. (Interfaith dialogues and the peace agreement in the Philippines showed possibility of the crucial role of religions to establish peace.)

2016년 3월 14일 월요일

What We can See on March 14, South Korea

What We can See on March 14, South Korea 

- Enhancement of Human Security through the Declaration on Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace

 The term ‘human security’ appeared in 1994 from the United National Development Plan (UNDP) with the concept. This idea was first introduced when the origin of war and conflict began to be analyzed with multi-dimensional approaches based on the focus on individuals and groups as new actors of the global community rather than state alone. It demonstrates that world peace can become a reality when the qualities such as disarmament, human rights, protection of environment, social stability and democracy should be endorsed in every part of our global society. From this perspective, the factors of human security embrace a wide arrange of issues including conventional military security, economic development, social welfare, justice, democratization, arms reduction and political freedom. The Convention on the Prohibition of The Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel mine is a typical example of the achievement through the idea of human security.

 In fact, to some extent, the advent of human security is caused by crisis consciousness. People in the world without exception are not safe from disease, famine, crime, war, nuclear issue and environmental disaster, and what is worse those are becoming even more serious and threatening every life of human being. This international crisis necessitates problem-solving through international solidarity with collective efforts.

 World peace is possible when the security in every factor directly affecting our daily lives as mentioned above must be guaranteed at an individual level. HWPL also agrees that individuals, (global citizens) are the main actors who can make a change in this world - the world with peace.

 On March 14, 2016, there is an international event reflecting today’s phenomenon in how these concerns and efforts of the international community for peaceful world are represented. It is the Proclamation Ceremony on the Declaration of Cessation of War and World Peace, held by Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL).

 This declaration shows a practical approach to conflict resolution for peace through the concept of “Cessation of War”. It suggests that the environmental and economic influences can never be disregarded but the essential issue of human security depends on war, which can be waged and stopped by people at the same time. Also, the influence of war to the people can be greater than that of other factors since the aftermath is instantaneous.
Therefore, it can be said that the declaration revealed by HWPL in this year shows enhancement in the initiatives of the UN and global community on ‘how war can be prevented and peace can be attained’.
The initiative on “how war can be avoided” raised by HWPL through international law provides details on the concept of human security. In the declaration, to cease practices of war, there are five main articles included –

 One of the most interesting, audacious elements of the declaration will be “Religious Conflict Resolution.” Many forms of global conventions, international agreements or treaties designate comprehensive approaches to peace with factors affecting the stability of the globe, but the concept of religion has not been addressed in detail.
The appropriateness of dealing with religion in the declaration, whose goal is to gain support and impetus for the establishment of the international law for world peace, is its foundation in the fact that religion has provided the roots of destructive war and conflict. In truth, it is an irony that such conflicts are caused by religions of today’s world whose principles and faiths are based on harmony, coexistence and peace.

 In this regard, the declaration offered by HWPL asks us to think about religion again. It says that conflicts caused by religion can also be resolved by religion itself. To put it another way, this means that problems of today’s religions can contribute to conflict resolution and world peace. As a matter of fact, HWPL has an empirical case of conflict resolution in Mindanao, the Philippines; religious harmony (interfaith dialogues) led to a peace agreement by the two main religions in the region - Catholic and Muslim. This experience will provide a practical approach to peace for the achievement of peace, which appears on the day when HWPL proclaims the declaration on March 14.

Visit peacelaw.org for detail.

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Declaration of Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace

Promotion Video : 
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Quote from the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

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2016년 3월 13일 일요일

Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

A better world is possible when you don’t think it’s impossible.

You can watch the possibility on air.

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2016년 3월 11일 금요일

SOS in Syria

200 women and children in a local city, Syria, gathered together and made “SOS” to ask for support of the international society.

Is the provision of food and water enough for their lives?

This is the reason why we need the International Law of Peace.


2016년 3월 10일 목요일

The Lamp of the East (1929)

The Lamp of the East (1929)

In the golden age of Asia
Korea was one of its lamp-bearers
And that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again
For the illumination of the East

The light of peace will shine on March 14, 2016, Korea
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2016년 3월 9일 수요일

A Peace Movement in Seoul, South Korea, March, 2016

[Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace]

On March 14, 2016, HWPL holds the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace.
For detail, please visit

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2016년 3월 8일 화요일

[ How She Became an Angel of Peace ]

A girl is standing in a museum with two wings on the wall beyond her. (from https://www.instagram.com/p/BChNX5lsKMk/)

Meaning of the two wings : International Women Peace Group (IWPG) and International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) Working as the two wings supporting Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL).
For cessation of war and world peace, HWPL’s dedication to working for peace is supported by women and youth, whose active participation is bringing a new approach to peace.

Peace Hall, Davao Museum, Davao City

(The following is some words from a news article in http://hwpl.kr)
Davao City in the Philippines has a rich cultural heritage of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds blended harmoniously. An event holding great significance was held at Museo Dabawenyo and drew public attention. 

On January 26, Mr. Orly L. Escarrilla, Director of Davao Museum, and staffs designated the second floor, “Peace Hall” to exhibit pictures of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) peace activities in Mindanao. Director Escarilla proudly presented the certificate to permanently exhibit the peace work of HWPL at the peace hall. The place will serve to provide community members a platform to learn about the peace work achieved by HWPL in Mindanao. 

For more detail, please visit
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2016년 3월 7일 월요일

The Hague Peace Conventions of 1899 and 1907

[The Hague Peace Conventions of 1899 and 1907]

 The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 are the two international peace conferences held in Hague, the Netherlands, 1899 and 1907. It was proposed to discuss and examine the methodology of settlement of peace from war and conflict.

 The first conference with 26 countries including European nations, Qing China, Japan, and the United States participating in it. This resulted in convention for the creation of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, laws and customs of war on land, and protection of marked hospital ships.

 The second conference with 44 countries including states from Latin America was held. As a result, with the focus on the peaceful settlement of international conflict and the rules invented in this conference were considered customs of war. Nevertheless, many of the rules were violated in World War I.

 *Peaceful settlement : Bringing about means of peace resolution by diplomatic negotiations, mediation by third parties, international arbitration (through organization) and international court.
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Origin of the term ‘International Law’

[Origin of the term ‘International Law’]

Roman Senate

Where does the term ‘international law’ stem from?
‘jus gentium’ 'jus inter gentes’ are the two Latin words representing the word.
In the Roman Empire, there was a civil law (jus civile) applying to the Roman citizens. 
As the empire extended its territory, the law had to apply to not just Romans but also non-Romans.

The law for all the people in the empire was introduced and developed, which became a law of nations, ‘jus gentium’. Obviously this law had to be more general and common than ‘jus civile’.
After this, study on international law began and proceeded until the modern times. Many scholars attempted to coin the term to use universally, and the word ‘jus gentium’ was used to refer to international law.
What about the term ‘jus inter gentes’?

It was proposed by Richard Zouch, Professor of civil law at Oxford University in 17th century. He pointed out and tried to describe the common laws rulers and people in sovereign countries abide by.
After this, in 1780, Jeremy Bentham started to use the term international law which has become the main category of today’s language.
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[The Universal Declration of Human Rights]

Eleanor Roosevelt (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jack-healey/human-rights-day---a-day_b_8773674.html)

[The Universal Declration of Human Rights]

 In the 20th century, the humanity, with the experience of the two World Wars, had to witness violation of human rights, which triggered to think more about individual rights of all human beings. In 1945, the United Nations was founded and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was announced in 1948. (Please visit the UN webpage for the full text of the UDHR.http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/)

 Pope John Paul II once mention that the Declaration is “one of the highest expressions of the human conscience of our time.” It is true that efforts to promote human rights in this world first refer to this Declaration and design the ways to protect them based on the articles made in it.

 In the UDHR, 30 articles are designated to define human, economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights. The significance of the UDHR is its universal and fundamental recognition of human rights that every member state of the UN can introduce and develop human dignity at a national level. Also, international organizations to promote the UDHR can also be found such as Amnesty International and International Federation for Human Rights. However, since this is not a treaty or similar form of rule of law, the Declaration itself does not have a strong legal effect, which suggests that the possibility to violate or twist any of its articles is likely.

 The UDHR came to exist as a result of self-reflection on the devastation of human rights after the two great wars. After 7 decades, wars that choke human dignity still prevail our globe. What more do we need to cut the source of conflict and stop wars?

 In this regard, HWPL is asking every global citizen to work together for peace.

 Please visit our website for details about 
the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace.

2015 HWPL Peace Conference in South Korea 
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[The Joint Security Area (JSA) between the two Koreas]

[The Joint Security Area (JSA) between the two Koreas]

 (This article is contributed by a youth from South Korea who participated in the 2015 HWPL Peace conference.)

 One of the most popular attractions for tourists to South Korea is actually one of the most peculiar places in the world. The Adventures of Sinbad in a Korean amusement park (When you sail along the waterway, you can see some tough pirates) or the Autopia in Hongkong Disneyland (car-shaped roller coaster?) may have been a exhilarating one with tension and thrill back in childhood.

Mrs. Hilary Clinton's visit to JSA, South Korea

 For those who grow enough to feel nothing special in an amusement park anymore, the very place to offer “unexpectedly” a kind of adventure in reality is Panmunjom, the de-militarized zone between the two Koreas. Making you feel much tension and thrill caused by not firing guns but targeting each other for over 60 years, it has become a must for visitors to Korea. Such famous people of the world as President Obama and Mrs. Clinton visited there. You can “safely” enjoy this de-militarized zone.

 However, this “tourist attraction” has the tragic reality situated in this peninsula. The reflection of history as a ramification of the two extremely terrible wars with hills of human dead bodies resulted in the establishment of the UN and efforts of peace.

 Nevertheless, the confrontation of ideologies brought about cutting the Korean peninsula, a strategic point of East Asia for the superpowers, in half. Families were torn apart and never new whether they lived or died. Subsequently, the Korean war, forced the whole globe to spill blood. Brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors in village - one’s everything in life- disappeared. According to a civilian who survived from the war, the army shot two or three times to make sure that the dead bodies were really dead. There were no human rights in front of war.

 4 million deaths in this war created tears (Koreans use the expression “blood tears”), missing families who cannot meet, waiting for a day to meet each other again in their whole lives and coming to die; without repentance from making this tragedy, world history textbooks describe the Korean War as following,

“A political belief had been fought for – the halting of communist expansion in south-east Asia – but the superpowers had avoided any direct conflict -a classic occurrence in the Cold War.”

President Obama's visit to JSA, South Korea
 Determined by others, not Koreans themselves, the ramifications of this division after the war to Korean people are still great. With few exceptions, all male citizens in Korea are responsible for having military service. In their 20s, golden days of youth, must spend their lives in the army for 2 years (in the past it was over 3 years.) Salary? It’s around 100 American dollars per month. Place to stay? More than 10 soldiers should stay in the same room. Personal life does not exist. Food? There is a horrifying joke in Korea. “When mad cow disease, there is beef. When foot-and-mouth disease, there is pork. When avian flu, there is chicken on the table.” We don’t know the truth, but some soldiers do think they eat such food. Can parents in Europe and North America, who take their kids to school with car everyday, accept the letter of conscription if this kind of treatment can happen in their countries? With “the original sin” of having a son, Korean mothers have to send their kids to the training camp with tears in their eyes. Korean sons have to release the hold on their mothers’ hands.

 The youth in Korea, who used to hold pens, violins, and brushes, are required to hold mass of cold iron, weapons to kill and harm human beings. The country wants to hide the fact, but sometimes soldiers can die from firearm accidents. In Korea, the military service is a sociocultural phenomenon.

 Like this, Koreans live in the aftereffects of the Korean War. For this more thrilling stimulus from the reality (than the virtual one in a disneyland), people around the world pay for their tourism to Korea. Korea has become an interesting amusement park where people take a close look at fantastic things without much attention to how they came to exist. In particular, the animals that were trapped and taken to the park live a life in a limited space are deprived of their freedom and receive attention from visitors for the interest of others. Losing their family and home, locked in a limit, used as a place to attract people for someone’s money in exchange of history of tears of millions, the JSA in Korea becomes the disneyland in reality, stimulating a fantasy of the unknown world.

 There is a person who survived from this tragic war. Without any compensations, he has walked the path in order not to make a world where youth and women suffer from wars, though it has never been appreciated by anyone. That is the path of peace. Because of this one man, who visited parts of the world and raised the voice of peace with tireless efforts and thirst for peace against misunderstanding and persecution, peace is blossoming in Korea, the symbol of conflict of the globe. Starting with one man, this path of peace is supported by the global citizens. The picture of the man with thousands of people in front of the Gate of Peace in Seoul proves it.

HWPL World Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea, 2015

 Dear family of the global community,

 If you’re going to Korea,
 hopefully you can visit the site of peace, not the one of conflict.

 The name is HWPL.

Women and youth gathered together for peacewalk, 2015
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[I ♡ HWPL Peace Declaration Day Campaign]

[I ♡ HWPL Peace Declaration Day Campaign]

To everyone who loves peace,
Greetings from HWPL.

What will you do on March 14? 
This year, on March 14, the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace, the one that will draw a new framework for an international law leading to global peace, will be publicly presented. 

To that end, with an earnest heart for peace to become a reality, HWPL is launching an online campaign:

I ♡ HWPL Peace Declaration Day Campaign

1. Purpose
To promote the ‘Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace’ on March 14, 2016 through various online platforms

2. How to join the campaign?
1) Add HWPL as a friend in your online platform (Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc.)
2) Post this image on your SNS to support the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace
3) Tell your friends to join this campaign by sharing the image

To both those who are attending the ceremony and those who are not, let us gather our hearts longing for peace together and participate in the campaign, I ♡ HWPL Peace Declaration Day Campaign
Through a simple action, this small movement will become an opportunity to let the world know that peace is not really a distant dream.

Thank you.

*Various online platforms to interact with and support HWPL’s international peace law initiative

1. Official Website

2. HWPL International Law Blog

3. HWPL Facebook official  Webpage

4. HWPL Instagram Official  Webpage

5. HWPL Line Friends (Android/iphone App)
(Open the Line App  - Search - Put “@hwpl”  and add as friend)

6. Weibo (Chinese)

7. Twitter

*If you have a different SNS account other than what is listed above, please let us know by emailing us to pr_hq@hwpl.kr
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2016년 3월 1일 화요일

HWPL official Facebook

HWPL official Facebook page is released.

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/hwpl.kr
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