Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a NGO for world peace and transcends differences in culture, belief and region to engage leaders and youth in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace.

2016년 8월 2일 화요일

support comment from Agha Yahya Khan (Sweden)

Agha Yahya Khan (Sweden) 
-       Majored Linguistic and Theology in Ahmadiyya University 
-       The First Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Russia 
-      Lecturer at Ahmadiyya University 
-       Appointed as Missionary in Sweden (2001) 
-       Chief Imam of Guttenberg Islam Temple

1. What is your impression about HWPL's peace initiatives and events?

The strongest impression I have of HWPL is how the youths are working with great amount of passion, love and dedication for this peaceful purpose. It is not a small thing to voluntarily give up your time, energy and money for a cause with no materialistic gains. In a world where time is money, giving up both time and money to unite for peace is not a thing that can be found in many other places or organizations.

2. What do you expect from HWPL?

My expectations from HWPL are that HWPL should always continue to work towards its goal with the same passion, ambition, humbleness and unity as HWPL is doing today. Many organizations are made in the world where they work with great passion towards a cause in the beginning, including one and all in their mission. But as they gain power and numbers, one certain group starts to rise to the top and starts favoring a certain race, ideology or religion. This should not be the case with HWPL. We should always be united as one, crossing all limits of race and religion just like today.
Unity is the only way forward and this is the reason I have joined the HWPL family.