Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a NGO for world peace and transcends differences in culture, belief and region to engage leaders and youth in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace.

2016년 8월 4일 목요일

support comment from Sarah Mostafa Mohamed Sayed (Egypt)

Sarah Mostafa Mohamed Sayed (Eygpt)
- Middle East News Agency translation and internet desk (2005-2010)
- Chinese News Agency news translation desk (2006)
- Italian (ANSAmed) News Agency Arabic service (2010 -2013)
Middle East News Agency : Special International Service (2013 up till now)

I am a journalist working for Middle East News Agency for more than ten years and have been working for other news agencies too before. I was asked to attend an event entitled 'HWPL Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War' on behalf of my chief editor.

  Frankly speaking, I was really impressed and I was more impressed when I arrived to South Korea to see with my own eyes a huge team of youth from different cultures and backgrounds, working deliberately so hard with the passion for love and peace. They were so confident that they will achieve their goal one day and I figured out how decisive and special they were after I knew that HWPL built an academy for peace studies. I believe that their positive energy and atmosphere that they surrounded themselves with was somehow transferred to me as I was covering that event. This is why I didn`t hesitate when HWPL offered me to work as a publicity ambassador.
  Furthermore, I believe that HWPL`s peace initiatives mean making a world where we have an everlasting and prevailing peace for all mankind, a world with no wars or hatred and respect for the sacred meaning of a life which would be achieved through a binding law for all nations. This is what differentiates HWPL from any other peace organization.
   Moreover I find HWPL`s initiatives and events successful to a big extent as I can see HWPL is getting more widely known and extended, especially in an area full of wars and lives are taken such as middle east. That was obvious through the huge number of people who signed your peace campaign.

I expect HWPL holding more gatherings and events and it would be great if HWPL were able to reach people in charge or decision makers who can support. I believe that would encourage more people to engage in the peace campaign as well as working through that peace academy and revive the hope for achieving peace, which some can see it as a far reaching dream.

Please send my regards to Chairman Man Hee lee and to every people working within its team. I am looking forward to cooperate with HWPL again. Thank you.